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18 Sep 2019 网络安全技术笔记  Writing


29 Jul 2019 Browser user information Decrypt  Completed

Get the login information (URL, login name, password, etc.) automatically saved by browsers(Chrome,Firefox,Opera) and password decryption

23 Jul 2019 C++ U Disk content copy program  Completed

Check the inserted disk (U disk) to read the disk data and copy it to the corresponding location based on C++.

19 Jul 2019 Opera login information extraction and password decryption  Completed

Get the login information (URL, login name, password, etc.) automatically saved by Opera browser and password decryption

17 Jul 2019 Firefox browser login information extraction and decryption  Completed

Extract and decrypt the login information (URL, username, password) automatically saved by Firefox based on C++

17 Jul 2019 C++ Get the program installation path  Completed

Get the installation path of the program in the registry based on C++

12 Jul 2019 Data encryption and decryption  Completed

Encrypting and decrypting data based on Windows API CryptProtectData()/CryptUnProtectData()

12 Jul 2019 Chrome login information extraction and password decryption  Completed

Get the login information (URL, login name, password, etc.) automatically saved by Google Chrome and password decryption

12 Jul 2019 C++ Basic use of sqlite3  Completed

Basic operation of sqlite3 database through C++

25 Mar 2019 C++ based calculator development  Completed


18 Mar 2019 Deepin 15.9 System desktop 卡死解决办法  Completed


04 Mar 2019 Wireshark use tutorial  Writing

The use tutorial from entry to mastery of network analysis tool Wireshark

25 Feb 2019 PowerDesigner 16.5 安装破解教程以及汉化  Completed

Install and crack the database modeling tool powerdesigner16.5 and Chinese localization

12 Feb 2019 Ansys workbench-Geometric modeling  Completed

Drawing a geometric model of the base by three-dimensional modeling by applying the simulation software Ansys workbench.

11 Feb 2019 Socket network programming  Completed

Implement socket network programming in python, use TCP, UDP protocol, and complete file transfer function

07 Feb 2019 Markdown mathematical formula  Completed

This article aims to record the coding rules of some commonly used mathematical expressions in MarkDown. In fact, LaTeX coding rules are used. These rules can also be used in some functions and expressions of matlab to bring convenience to their work.

06 Feb 2019 Automatic news abstract extraction  Completed

Automatic Extraction of News Digest Using TextRank Algorithm and MMR Algorithm

04 Feb 2019 Cloud desktop configuration  Completed


03 Feb 2019 Two minutes of fitness  Completed

BBC Heart-broken Experiment:Running 45 minutes a day is not as good as 2 minutes a week?

01 Feb 2019 Three signs that a person begins to abolish  Completed

How is a man decadent step by step? After reading this,you may understand and change yourself.

31 Jan 2019 Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future  Completed

The only way out for mankind,it will definitely change your worldview!!!

30 Jan 2019 Powerful tool sites  Completed

Sharing some powerful tool websites is very practical in work and study.Some tool sites are powerful enough to replace the functionality of software and reduce the cumbersome operation of installing computer software.

29 Jan 2019 Github绑定个人域名  Completed


28 Jan 2019 How to use Typora  Completed

Typora is the ultimate compact markdown editor that supports the editing of mathematical formulas, can be exported to pdf and HTML, etc. I will briefly describe the basic usage of typora.

26 Jan 2019 Build Your Blog with GitHub Pages  Completed

Build Your Blog with GitHub Pages. You can use my theme PointingToTheMoon to write your blog or other themes. My theme is great for academic use, for it features simple post page with mathjax support and a side bar with toc. The main page on the other hand is somewhat fancy.

24 Jan 2019 中英文邮件祝辞  Completed